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A Nature Club has been formed in 2006.This club, in which both staff mem­bers and stu­dents are active mem­bers, is dili­gently pur­su­ing its dream of a green, beau­ti­ful and envi­ron­ment friendly campus.

Annual report (Nature club)

Nature club of lbsitw is a wel­fare unit work­ing for envi­ron­ment edu­ca­tion activities.The mem­bers of the nature club unit includ­ing the staff co-​ordinator Sri BIBU YM and the stu­dent co-​ordinator REVATHY from EC department,The club took the deci­sion of plant­ing a veg­etable gar­den in the col­lege cam­pus and also had decided to dis­trib­ute veg­etable seeds among the students.The nature club unit along with the Krishib­ha­van City Cor­po­ra­tion con­ducted a pro­gram on 19-​10-​2012 in which 8 dif­fer­ent types of seeds where dis­trib­uted and also a veg­etable gar­den has been set up as well. The gar­den was taken care by the nature club members.

On 23-​11-​2012 the nature club unit along with V.F.P.C.K SEED PRO­CESS­ING PLANTALATHUR had dis­trib­uted plant saplings in the col­lege cam­pus and also had planted some of those saplings in the col­lege veg­etable garden.The aus­pi­cious occa­sion was inau­gu­rated by Smt SAHITHA.P.A ‚prin­ci­pal lbsitw.Since some of the stu­dents couldn’t attend the same another sim­i­lar activ­ity was held on 27-​11-​2012 with the help of PERI URBEN CLUS­TER OF STATE HOR­TI­CUL­TURAL MIS­SION in which plant saplings where dis­trib­uted to the rest of the stu­dents also.

The nature club unit and V.F.P.C.K SEED PRO­CESS­ING PLANT,ALATHUR had arranged another activ­ity in order to dis­trib­ute plant saplings such as tomato,cauliflower,eggplant,chilli to the students.

On 16-​07-​2013 another pro­gram was held which was organ­ised by Cen­tral Coun­cil for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha,poojapura for the plant­ing and dis­tri­b­u­tion of med­i­c­i­nal plant saplings among the stu­dents and staff mem­bers of the col­lege which was inau­gu­rated by the prin­ci­pal of the institution.

A nature club meet­ing was held on 05-​10-​2013 in which the exec­u­tive com­mit­tee com­pris­ing of 10 mem­bers were elected and ANITA SUSAN of S6 EC was selected as the stu­dent co-​ordinator for the unit. As decided per the meet­ing on 10-​12-​2013 plant saplings of cab­bage and cau­li­flower were dis­trib­uted among the students.

As per the meet­ing held on 07-​01-​2014 a mon­soon tree plan­ta­tion was set up in col­lege on 13-​02-​2014 and also “THE PLAS­TIC FREE CAM­PUS” aware­ness has been spread.And also on 08-​06-​2015 Cen­tral Coun­cil for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha,poojapura had dis­trib­uted med­i­c­i­nal plant saplings among the stu­dents and staff members.

The Lak­shmi Taru plant which is con­sid­ered as ‘A tree of solace for can­cer patients’ has been planted in the col­lege cam­pus by the the nature club com­mit­tee mem​bers​.It is been taken care of by the nature club unit till date.

The nature club unit had organ­ised an event to dis­trib­ute veg­etable seeds to stu­dents and staffs, pro­vided by V.F.P.C.K SEED PRO­CESS­ING PLANTALATHUR on 10-08-2015.The occa­sion had the pres­ence of the poo­japura ward member.Besides all these a plan­tain tis­sue cul­ture has also been set up in the col­lege campus.