Lal Bahadur Shas­tri Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy for Women

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 Two units of NSS (Unit No.161 & 528) is func­tion­ing under the Direc­torate of Tech­ni­cal Edu­ca­tion. The unit is actively involved in var­i­ous activ­i­ties of social rel­e­vance and social importance.

PUNARJJANI (Dec 26 - Jan 012014) 

Punar­jani project was a com­bined project of nss and Ker­ala youth wel­fare board. the main theme of the project was to repair the unused but usable instru­ments by ren­o­va­tion. our stu­dents put in their full fledged effort even though the camp was sched­uled sud­denly. The project was com­pleted on jan 1 2014 from26 dec 2014. The project was car­ried out in the ayurveda hos­pi­tal for women and chil­dren, poo­japura. Our col­lege was given appre­ci­a­tion award and an award was awarded to the head of the insti­tute . Ker­ala Gov. made a profit of 10 crore total .


A blood dona­tion camp was con­ducted in the col­lege cam­pus on 26th Feb 2014 in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Lions Club of Trivan­drum and HLF­PPT. A team of doc­tors headed by Dr. Marry Allo­sius from gen­eral hos­pi­tal, palayam, col­lected the samples.,a total of 46 units of blood was col­lected from the cam­pus within a time period of 2 and half hours and a good num­ber of inter­ested stu­dents had to wait for the next dona­tion camp.

E–literacy (Feb2428, 2014)

E-​literacy was a project ini­ti­ated by p.n paniker foun­da­tion in the premises of pal­lichal grama pan­chay­ath. it was made sure that small stu­dents from old peo­ple could make best out of the stu­dent teach­ers of our nss unit. e-​literacy project not only gave a new spread of tech­nol­ogy to the peo­ple of pal­lichal pan­chay­ath. the unit made sure that all their stu­dents got well acquainted with lap­tops. the project was on a syl­labus which started from the basic switch on of laptops/​computers to the cre­ation and using of mail id’s.


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