To ini­ti­ate activ­i­ties under R&D, a Research Guid­ance Com­mit­tee com­pris­ing a Senior Research Advi­sor and three emi­nent exter­nal mem­bers and three inter­nal mem­bers has been con­sti­tuted. They are as follows:

1. Dr. M. Sasiku­mar (Senior Research Advi­sor), Pro­fes­sor, Head, Depart­ment of Elec­tron­ics and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Engi­neer­ing, Mar­ian Engi­neer­ing Col­lege, Trivandrum.

2. Dr. R. S. Moni (Mem­ber), Pro­fes­sor, Depart­ment of Elec­tron­ics & Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Engi­neer­ing, Mar­ian Engi­neer­ing College,Trivandrum.

3. Dr. Rajas­ree M. S (Mem­ber), Direc­tor, Indian Insti­tute of Infor­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy and Management-​Kerala (IIITM-​K).

4. Dr. Balan(Member), Pro­fes­sor, Depart­ment of Civil Engi­neer­ing, Col­lege of Engi­neer­ing, Trivandrum.

5. Dr. K. C. Raveen­dranathan (Mem­ber), Prin­ci­pal, LBSITW

6. Dr. Mujeeb (Mem­ber), Joint Direc­tor, LBS Cen­tre for Sci­ence & Technology

7. Dr. Shree­lek­shmi R. (Member), Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor in CSE, LBSITW.

Activ­i­ties con­ducted under R&D are (CLICK HERE)