Facil­ity for refer­ring the fol­low­ing ejour­nals and ebooks are avail­able in the Col­lege Cam­pus. 


1) ELSE­VIER (Engi­neer­ing and Com­puter Sci­ence) (http://​www​.sci​encedi​rect​.com)

2) J-​GATE (Engi­neer­ing and Tech­nol­ogy) (http://​jgateplus​.com)

3) IEEE/ASPP+POP (ieee​.org/​i​e​e​e​x​p​l​o​r​e)

4) ASTM DIG­I­TAL LIBRARY (http://​com​pass​.astm​.org)

5) McGRAW-​HILL Access Engi­neer­ing (http://​acces​sen​gi​neer​inglibrary​.com)

6)SPRINGER (Elec­tri­cal, Elec­tron­ics & Com­puter Sci­ence Engi­neer­ing) (http://​link​.springer​.com/)

7) ASCE (Amer­i­can Soci­ety of Civil Engi­neers) ( http:ascelibrary.org/)


McGraw Hill Express Library — 220 Titles

Pear­son Edu­ca­tion ebook (Think Tank) — 553 Titles

http://​www​.myili​brary​.com/​o​r http://​lib​.myili​brary​.com